Life at the North Sea Coast: Project of the NIGE (EXPO)

Life at the North Sea Coast

Niedersaechsisches Internatsgymnasium in Esens

The project supports the idea of a sustainable development for the region of East Frisia. The structural weaknesses of this region are due to the decline of the traditional branches of economy, agriculture and fishing. Industries have not developed sufficiently to make up for the loss of employment. Tourism has become a major economic sector, but hat not compensated for the loss of jobs.

The project takes up the idea of the World Exposition in Hannover „Man – Nature – Technology“, which is concerned with essential problems of mankind at the verge of the 21 st century.

Schools are expected to take a more active part in approaching vital issues. Our school is developing a comprehensive concept of dealing with the challenges of the future according to the UN’s Agenda 21. The project combines research, theoretical and practical work. It will thus contribute to an enhancement of the present curriclum.

In this context, the central idea is to establish the ressources of the region – capacity of work, educational opportunities (institutions), cultural identity, natural environment etc – and to mobilize these ressources for a sound and sustainable development of the East Frisian region.

For this purpose, our school has established and seeks further connections with scientific, educational and commercial partners here und abroad.

During the main EXPO presentation phase from June to October in the year 2000 we will present the results of the various aspects of the project to a broad public and we will be host to the regional and internatiol partners.
This includes

  • a summer camp with students of our partner schools
  • an international teachers‘ forum
  • specially designed programs for (young) tourists
  • presentation of different media (film, Internet, etc.)
  • wadden sea documentary
  • land-art exhibition
  • etc.


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